Color Forecast Fall 2016

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September 4th, 2016 6:42pm


Eyewear Color Forecast

How do colors shape up specifically for specs this fall? “Colors for fall are much more nuanced and tonal,” says Blake Kuwahara, eyewear designer, O.D., and owner at Focus Group West. “A tempered and blended palette such as blue-greys, auburn-chestnuts, brown-pumpkins, and charcoal-sages are key colors and fresh takes on traditional autumnal tones.”

Here, Kuwahara dishes on the season’s best color combos for eyewear.

1. BLUE-GREY: Smoky blue greys take the edge off and soften traditional blues, making them easier to wear and not so harsh on the face.

2. AUBURN-CHESTNUT: Reddish hues warm up the brown and yellow tones of chestnut and look better on the skin.

3. BROWN-PUMPKIN: Brown helps to give richness and tempers what can be the harshness of orange in pumpkin.

4. CHARCOAL-SAGE: Green is a fresh color but can often be a tough one to wear on the face. Mixing in charcoal gives a richer base to the green of sage.   Information from 9/1/2016 EyecareBusiness Magazine

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